Nero Married His Half-Sister

Claudia Octavia (39-40 AD – June 9, 62 AD)

Looks like someone took a hammer to her statue’s nose. This is Claudia Octavia, wife to Nero.

We do not have an accurate birth date, so I’ll have to skip that part. However, we do know when she was executed, on Nero’s orders. (Bear that in mind, when we think about Ivana’s death in 2022.)

The clock is set for noon, but it could have been any time that fateful day. There is one inconjunct and because it connects Mars and Saturn, it proves that she was murdered on Nero’s orders.

Ivana Trump (February 20, 1949 – July 14, 2022)

We are so used to seeing Ivana as an older bleached blonde that I thought it might be more informative to see her at the age Claudia Octavia was when she was murdered. Of course, that doesn’t prove anything…

As I randomized Ivana’s birth time, I wouldn’t set too much store on the only (time-related) inconjunct between Saturn and the Midheaven. But it does make one think, doesn’t it?

As usual, the proof is in the pudding. Claudia Octavia’s ‘fatal’ South Node/Part of Fortune conjunction is conjunct Ivana’s Sun/Mars conjunction in Pisces. Their Moons are within 6° in Sagittarius. Their positions of Uranus are opposite. Ivana’s Neptune is inconjunct Claudia Octavia’s ‘fatal’ Venus. Ivana’s Venus is conjunct Claudia Octavia’s ‘fatal’ Mars and inconjunct to her ‘fatal’ Saturn. That makes her relationship to the Donald feel fated. Claudia Octavia’s ‘fatal’ Pluto is within 5° of Ivana’s Mercury.

I’ll bet…

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