The 1st Continental Congress President:

Peyton Randolph (September 10, 1721 – October 22, 1775)

Meet one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Peyton Randolph flew under my radar, so this revelation is a surprise to me. Again, he is the past life of another American President.

The timing is randomized, of course. But like a lot of the true revolutionaries from the American War of Independence, he has one inconjunct that is not time-restricted.

Mars Inconjunct Uranus

This energy may be expressed as a hot temper, especially when you have to endure restriction or limitation. You have a rebellious streak that needs to be disciplined, because everyone has to endure some restrictions, and it takes so little to trigger your temper.

Randolph returned as a Virginia delegate but suffered a five-hour-long fit of apoplexy* and died while dining with Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia on October 22, 1775


Informally or metaphorically, the term apoplexy is associated with being furious, especially as “apoplectic”



I figured his demise during dinner with Thomas Jefferson (his cousin) would have taken place on or about 8 pm local time. The double Yod from Mercury in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, both pointing at Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant in Gemini, seems significant. The term ‘apoplectic’ is correct, for sure.

Bill Clinton (August 19, 1946)

Comparatively, Bill Clinton is not as flaccid as Randolph was, but the full-faced look seems familiar. I wonder what his chart will reveal: it was already on my computer program.

Notice the stellium of planets in Clinton’s Libra 1st House (of Personality). This is a man who decided to be as diplomatic as is possible while pursuing a career in politics. Perhaps he didn’t want to die of apoplexy again. This time, he has an inconjunct linking the Moon in Taurus with Jupiter in Libra.

Moon Inconjunct Jupiter

This aspect indicates that you have a positive, optimistic outlook on life, and you enjoy socializing with good friends. However, there are some dangers with this aspect. First, it can be a sign that you are self-indulgent and possibly even selfish, although this is not likely to happen if you have a good, strong relationship with your mother. You have a great need to be cared for and supported, to be accepted for what you are with no strings attached. If this need is fulfilled, the positive side of this aspect will flourish.

Double ‘hmm’.

But is Clinton the Reincarnation of Randolph?

Well you might ask that question. And before I show you the comparison charts, here’s something to consider. As we’ve seen before with Blavatsky and Kennedy, handwriting stays the same over different lifetimes. So check these two signature samples:

The writing is similar, isn’t it?

Clinton’s Moon is conjunct Randolph’s natal Mars @ 20° Taurus. And Randolph’s ‘fatal’ North Node is within 5° of Clinton’s Sun. And that ‘fatal’ Jupiter/Ascendant in Randolph’s death chart? Conjunct Clinton’s Uranus @ 21° Gemini. A true revolutionary was reborn, in my opinion. (The rest you can figure out for yourself.)

Thank you, Ahtum Re, again.

Though few remember Peyton Randolph, he was President of the First Continental Congress, which gathered in Philadelphia in 1775 to discuss the grievances of the thirteen colonies. Others who attended this Congress included Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, George Washington, and John Adams. American Independence, though, was declared later on during the Second Continental Congress, in July 1776. Unfortunately, Peyton Randolph never got to participate in the vote for independence, as he died of a stroke in October 1775. In our current era, Peyton Randolph has returned in the persona of William Jefferson Clinton.

Peyton Randolph and Bill Clinton have a number of traits in common. Randolph’s cousin Thomas Jefferson described him in the following way: “He was indeed a most excellent man,” but “heavy and inert in body, he was rather too indolent and careless for business.” So Jefferson saw Peyton as overweight, a condition that Bill Clinton has struggled with.

Semkiw, Walter. Return of the Revolutionaries (p. 336). Hampton Roads Publishing. Kindle Edition.

That sounds like a bit of a slap, does it not? I almost didn’t write this post because of that.

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