There Seems to be a Hole in the Middle of My Research

Caligula (August 31, 12 AD – January 24, 41 AD)

Perhaps, “Little Boot” left boots too large for others to fill. Everyone else around him seems to have reincarnated in the present time. That made me Google “Who did Caligula reincarnate as?” to see what would come up. Unfortunately, the title of a movie, “The Gestapo’s Last Brothel” was the result. Why? Because the alternative title is “Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler”.

Believe me when I say that this is not a very nice film. You can find a shot sequence on YouTube, if you’re so inclined. I suspect the film was meant to be modelled on “Caligula” (1980) which was a porn movie. Anyway, I digress.

This birth chart is randomized, resulting in an inconjunct which would quietly disappear if the actual time was later in the day.

Moon Inconjunct Neptune

This aspect indicates that you are very sensitive and that you pick up feelings from the people around you very easily. The danger is that many of these feelings will be difficult to cope with; they may make you afraid of the world and reluctant to go out into it, as you must do when you are older. As a result, you prefer to be alone with your thoughts and let your fancies wander wherever they want to go. When you are older, this may help you use your imagination very creatively, but it won’t help you work out your everyday problems. You must learn to stand on your own and not depend on others.

On the night of his demise, Caligula was under the Palatine Hill, discussing details of a show with some actors when he was murdered.

According to Josephus, Chaerea had political motivations for the assassination. Suetonius sees the motive in Caligula calling Chaerea derogatory names. Caligula considered Chaerea effeminate because of a weak voice and for not being firm with tax collection. Caligula would mock Chaerea with names like “Priapus” and “Venus”. On 24 January 41, Cassius Chaerea and other guardsmen accosted Caligula as he addressed an acting troupe of young men beneath the palace during a series of games and dramatics being held for the Divine Augustus. Details recorded on the events vary somewhat from source to source, but they agree that Chaerea stabbed Caligula first, followed by a number of conspirators. Suetonius records that Caligula’s death resembled that of Julius Caesar. He states that both the elder Gaius Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar) and the younger Gaius Julius Caesar (Caligula) were stabbed 30 times by conspirators led by a man named Cassius (Cassius Longinus and Cassius Chaerea respectively). By the time Caligula’s loyal Germanic guard responded, the Emperor was already dead. The Germanic guard killed several assassins and conspirators, along with some innocent senators and bystanders. These wounded conspirators were treated by the physician Arcyon.


I chose 9 pm local time, because Mars was transiting the Virgo Ascendant at that moment. The death chart then connects the Moon/Uranus opposition with a T-square to Pluto @ 28° Sagittarius. Hmm.

Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 – April 30, 1945)

Now this is going to be a stretch of the imagination. Since I’ve written about Adolf Hitler before, we have already seen his birth and death charts. Therefore, it won’t be difficult to compare him to Caligula.

So, not such a silly idea, after all. (Accidently) Hitler’s South Node is conjunct Caligula’s natal Ascendant. And Caligula’s ‘fatal’ South Node is conjunct Hitler’s Sun. Even Caligula’s natal North Node is within 4° of Hitler’s Venus/Mars conjunction in Taurus. Meanwhile, Hitler’s North Node is midway between Caligula’s natal Moon/Venus conjunction in Cancer. And, finally, Hitler’s Ascendant is conjunct Caligula’s natal Pluto. Do you need any further proof?

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