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Yesterday in History XIII

Diamond SÅ«tra (May 11, 868 AD) On this day in 868: The Diamond Sutra, the oldest known dated book, is printed in China. Hmm. Not the oldest book, just the oldest block printed book with a known date of publishing. … Continue reading

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Did Hearst and Davies Return as Epstein and Maxwell?

It’s a funny thing how connections are made. This one comes through a fellow-astrologer blogger who wrote today that Epstein may have been chosen to carry on Hearst’s dirty dealing, in-between lives. Ordinarily, that would have seemed far-fetched, but when … Continue reading

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Just When You Thoth You had the Answers…

George T. Delacorte, Jr (June 20, 1893 – May 4, 1991) This will seem a bit twisted, logic-wise: in a book about the ascended masters, the fact of Thoth’s passing from this earth on May 4, 1991 made me do … Continue reading

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Why I Quit:

Facebook We are social creatures, all of us. When Facebook came along, everyone embraced the chance to share their thoughts, photos and status changes with friends and family. And they did it willingly. My foray onto this platform was prompted … Continue reading

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