More Scheer Hypocrisy

Andrew Scheer

Calls for an Apology

Last night’s CBC news program The National had a lot of political stories, but one segment made me sit up and say, “What!?”

That sequence was about the resolution to an issue that was raised by the Conservatives a month or so ago: one of ‘Tori’ Stafford’s killers had been transferred to a Healing Lodge and the Conservative expressed their outrage. They kept up the pressure to get this woman back to prison, and yesterday the Liberal government announced some changes that would accomplish just that.

The segment starts at 15:16…


Andrew Scheer suggested that the Liberals apologize to the Stafford family for ‘politicizing’ her death.

Elizabeth May, the Green Party Leader, called it when she said that it was a shame that Maclean’s Magazine didn’t have an award for “hypocrite of the year”.

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