(Are We the) April Fools Today?


Court Jester

It’s a relevant image: when the news is so serious that you have to make fun of it for it to be bearable, you have to start playing the Fool.


In Tarot, the Fool card has no number. Well, that’s not always true: sometimes it is represented by a zero, the cypher.

The meaning is spiritual: no-thing means everything.

In other words: how we are before we become a human being.

Politicians like to think of the voters as foolish: spin them lies and they’ll vote for you. Unfortunately, this is true most of the time. But once in a while, we voters take a step back and can see the masquerade for what it is: a farce.



You would think, by now, that the government of the UK would know exactly what the people want. But the referendum, as voted on by the people, had some serious flaws, not the least of which were the blatant lies told by each side. Fear is a powerful motivator, so make the people afraid, very afraid, and you get (usually) some kind of status quo result.

What happened was that the older population wanted things to go back to the way they were before the European Union. That was a surprise!

But should it have been? The United Kingdom did not fight two World Wars to acquiesce to Germany by stealth. If the Treaty of Rome had been advertised as uniting Europe under one authority from the very beginning, the people would have revolted. Instead, they were told it was a way to get cheaper goods from the continent. Oh, and the freedom to travel anywhere in Europe.

Well, I guess that’s coming to an end, if they can finally legislate in Parliament what they really, really want.


Donald Trump

His presidency has been a farce from the word, ‘go’. And now he’s trumpeting the fact that the Mueller Report has exonerated him. I wonder how long it will take before the full report comes out: 50 years?

Barr is perfectly named: he has barred the truth from coming out, in an effort to protect the President from any more Russia probe fallout.

But there really never is ‘smoke’ without fire, so we will look for further legal action in the near future. Otherwise, Trump might win in 2020, too, and the rest of the world will have to endure the suspense of what he might do next for another four years.



Just a thought: is Jussie Smollett’s first name short for ‘Justice’? (This just in: his first name is ‘Justin’.) His story has been anything but just. But now it’s gotten a lot murkier. Why offer to do Community Service and forfeit your $10,000 bond if you are completely innocent? No wonder they sealed his file. Look for further court action by the Chicago Police. It cost them exactly US$130,106.15 to investigate this so-called ‘hate crime’.

In Canada, a campaign to smear Jody Wilson-Raybould’s name has begun, through ‘unauthorized’ leaks. Is this the Liberals hitting back? Or is this the MSM trying to balance the books? It turns out that during her time as Justice Minister/Attorney General, she may have dropped the legal ball a couple of times. But does that make Trudeau’s actions legal, as far as the SNC-Lavalin situation is concerned?



Here is a description of the Fool card from Tarot of the New Vision:

A man, followed by a dog, walks very near the edge of a precipice that leads down to the foot of an erupting volcano. His bizarre clothes are a sign of his unusual personality. Although he is not necessarily insane, he has been called “foolish” in order to emphasize the difference between him and so-called “normality”.

And this is the inherent warning that comes with this card:

Even those who have reached the highest peaks of knowledge and awareness risk slipping up; falling from a height can be painful and even destructive. Folly is certainly one of the risks you run if you adventure along the spirit’s more impervious and solitary routes. Those who have glimpsed Infinity risk becoming too satisfied and too passive; they may wait forever and never enter in.

Here ends the lesson.

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