Al Gore: Henry VIII Reincarnated?

Again, David Wilcock Says So.

I wouldn’t have gone looking for this connection if it hadn’t been for David mentioning the fact in one of his recent videos. In fact, he had been discussing his own link to Edgar Cayce and then suddenly segued to discussing Al Gore’s link to Henry VIII. He says they even look alike. I’m not so sure about that, but maybe when they were both younger.

However, the astrological links are definitely there.

Henry VIII (June 28,1491 – January 28, 1547)


The one thing about British royalty is they kept track of birth and death times. So these are accurate and that takes the guesswork out of the charts.


Al Gore (March 31, 1948 @ 12:53 pm – Washington, D.C.)

Again, this is considered his correct time of birth, so I think we are on solid ground.


Al Gore has four inconjuncts.

Moon Inconjunct Ascendant

This aspect ties together in you a Moon sign and a rising sign that are very different. This indicates that the image you project to other people does not reveal very much about your real feelings. When you are upset, you surprise people by showing a totally different side of your personality.

Mercury Inconjunct Mars

You often find it difficult to separate yourself from what you believe. You fight very hard for your ideas, even when you suspect you are wrong. You must learn that you are not your ideas, that you have them but are not them. If you do not learn this, it will be difficult even to have a friendly talk with friends, because you are always trying to make a point, defend your opinion or prove somebody else wrong. This also makes you irritable and touchy, so that others prefer not to be around you. Of course, you should not give in about something you seriously believe in, but it is unlikely that you would make that mistake.

Mercury Inconjunct Saturn

A particularly serious problem can be feeling suspicious of others, which later in life will turn into a cynical attitude about people’s behavior. True, it is good to be aware of the realities of life and not overidealistic. But you shouldn’t look at life in the worst possible light. […] You will learn soon enough what to expect of the world without having your nose rubbed in its less desirable features.

Venus Inconjunct Jupiter

If you do associate with difficult people, you may be unable to live up to your own standards of behavior. You may do things that you usually wouldn’t approve of, because somehow the relationship weakens your resolve to do what is right. But this won’t happen if you choose your friends carefully and avoid people who are not good for you.

Al has a temper: we saw it in action during the 2000 Presidential election, and later when he took a leading environmentalist role with An Inconvenient Truth. But is that enough to prove that he was once Henry VIII?

Comparing the Birth Charts


So there are several ‘hot’ points of contact here: Al’s Sun is conjunct Henry’s Moon; Al’s Ascendant is conjunct Henry’s Mercury; Al’s Uranus is conjunct Henry’s Jupiter; and finally, Al’s Jupiter is conjunct Henry’s Neptune. But note that these links are not as direct as between David and Edgar, who had specific ‘echoes’ between them, with the same planets in similar placements in their charts. It implies a past association, in my opinion.

Comparing Gore’s Birth with Henry VIII’s Death Chart


There it is again: the 9th House cusp of Henry’s death chart is conjunct Al’s birth Ascendant. Remember where we saw that before? Only now the positions are reversed. That makes me think that time as a linear fact is perhaps not true. Henry VIII would therefore be the (p)reincarnation of Al Gore! Is that even a thing? Wow, that’s freaky.

But I’m not totally convinced that they are the same person, but in two different bodies.

Perhaps we need to read David’s book The Synchronicity Key, because he says he discusses their connection there. But wait! I have already read this book, and I cannot recall his mentioning them together. Is he mistaken, or am I? I have a good memory…


This work is still ongoing. I do not have all the answers, and I probably never will, but I do have opinions, and they are mostly based on my gut feelings.

I’m going out on a limb and suggest that Al Gore is NOT* the reincarnation of Henry VIII.

Gore losing the Presidential election in 2000 as karma for Henry’s behaviour in the 15th and 16th centuries does not work for me. That’s placing blame where it doesn’t belong.

Al Gore is not presidential material, that’s it! He rams heads with others as a strong Aries. He would never have been able to compromise with others which is necessary to be an effective executive. No offense, sir! The Universe knew what it was doing…

*Post Script: Again, I have to admit, after doing dozens of these chart comparisons, that I may have been hasty in my judgement. I’m on the fence, now, leaning towards a “Yes!” (December 19, 2020)

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