Sonny to Cher: “I Got You, Babe”

Not a particularly happy-looking couple, were they?

Have you ever wondered why? Sonny was more than a decade older than Cher, so it holds that he may have played a significant ‘father-figure’ role in her life. She needed a place to stay, he let her move in despite the fact that he didn’t find her attractive.

Here’s Cher’s chart:

Ah, there it is: Saturn in Cancer in Cher’s 1st House (Personality), opposite her Moon in Capricorn in the 7th House (Relationships). These two positions are in reciprocal mode. Also the Moon is inconjunct Uranus, and Mercury is inconjunct Jupiter. Cher would have been chaffing at the bit for freedom, almost from the get-go of ANY relationship.

Here’s Sonny’s chart:

I’m trusting that Sonny’s birth time is accurate, as it was already on my Kepler 7.0 computer program. Just the usual stresses here: no inconjuncts. Therefore, no axes to grind. He’s a Libra Rising individual, which means that relationships came naturally to him. However, that Mars in Libra in the 1st House may indicate that he had a temper, and its opposition to Uranus in Aries may also indicate that he had a quick-fire one.

Now, let’s look at the combined charts:

There are good connections between them, but also some uncomfortable ones, too. The strong link is between Sonny’s Ascendant and Cher’s Neptune. She would have felt a bit like a mystery to him. His Moon is conjunct her Pluto/Mars aspect. His Pluto is conjunct her Saturn, which means that he would have shaken her to the core of her being. And her Part of Fortune is conjunct his Sun/Mercury aspect. That’s evident by what happened to them after “I Got You, Babe” exploded onto the scene in the middle 1960’s.

Halfway through their 11 year marriage, they had a little girl, Chastity (who later transgendered into Chaz). That name came from a film that Cher starred in, in 1969.

Cher to Sonny: “Oh, No, You Don’t.”

Sonny and Cher divorced in 1975 and Cher went on to get involved with Gregg Allman, having a son, Elijah Blue, in July 1976. Cher also started her solo career in music and TV.

The peak of Cher’s career finally happened in the 1990’s:

Then Sonny died in a skiing accident in January 1998:

The Yods in this chart combination demonstrate the ‘fated’ quality of Sonny’s death.

The result was that Cher realized that she still had strong feelings about him:

Her eulogy at his funeral says it all:

And so, for ever and a day, here’s the last time they sang that song, in 1987:


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