Conspiracy Theory: It Was Murder-Suicide After All

MH 370 Finally Located?

I’m usually not easily deceived, but this one pulled the wool over my eyes, and made me consider an alternate explanation that was likely improbable, if not downright impossible. Here’s my original post.

Now it seems that the Malaysian authorities had withheld the truth: there was a 22 minute circular holding pattern for the plane towards the end of its seven hour adventure while ‘negotiations’ went on. They obviously decided against saving the people, so the pilot of the plane then proceeded to crash it into the South Indian Ocean, parallel to Perth, Australia, at a spot called Broken Ridge.

Do you see that double T-square from the Uranus/Ascendant conjunction to the ends of an opposition between Jupiter and the Pluto/Midheaven conjunction? Those are the energies of that negotiation gone wrong, ‘suddenly’. The final kicker is the inconjunct between the Moon and Pluto.

Moon Inconjunct Pluto

This aspect means that your emotions are very intense and not always easy to deal with. Often your feelings make you want to do or say something without knowing why. Also you may have very intense moods in which you withdraw from those around you into a world of your own. This should not be a very serious problem unless you have been brought up to have all sorts of fears and worries. In that case your actions will be driven by your fears, and you may behave quite strangley. If you do not feel accepted and emotionally supported at home, you may constantly feel guilty for what you think you have done to others, or jealous that people aren’t paying enough attention to you, or generally possessive of those around you.

You should talk about your feelings yo someone you really trust, for otherwise the pressure of your emotions will build up too much. You must be made to realize that at some time everyone has those dark hidden thoughts that you think are so horrible. You are not alone, and you must learn not to blow these ideas up to be more important than they are.

You probably enjoy exploring the mysterious and probing hidden secrets. Even while you are young, you will understand human nature better than most people, but to use this ability positively, you must be reasonably calm about your feelings.

Well, is that any clearer? It is to me. The pilot had practiced this ‘event’ on his home simulator. He wanted to make a trade with the authorities. They didn’t want to give in to him. End of story…


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