Symbolic? The Day After Dorothy Kilgallen Died

Northeast Blackout (November 9, 1965)

Maybe I have a faulty memory bank, but I don’t recall this blackout from 1965.

As if to signal a distress from the heavens concerning the passing of one of the most remarkable women in history, what became known as “the Northeast blackout of 1965” happened the next day, the ninth. Along with New York City, the supply of electricity was disrupted to millions of people in portions of Canada, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Like the electricity, Kilgallen had been “turned off,” her voice silenced once and for all.

Shaw, Mark William . Denial of Justice: Dorothy Kilgallen, Abuse of Power, and the Most Compelling JFK Assassination Investigation in History (p. 239). Post Hill Press. Kindle Edition.

Synchronicity? Perhaps. Like the blackout in 2003, Pluto plays a significant role, this time in conjunction with Uranus in opposition to Saturn. There are two inconjuncts, one double from Mars @ 26° Sagittarius, to the Moon/Ascendant conjunction in Taurus, the other from Jupiter to the Midheaven. Similar energies were at play when Kilgallen died.

Moon Inconjunct Mars

Until you learn to handle your feelings, you are likely to get angry easily, have temper tantrums and be touchy about what is yours and what is not. You may feel you have to defend yourself against imagined threats. The problem here is that you are likely to become too emotionally involved with ideas, opinions or even objects without knowing it until someone threatens them. Then you react as if you were being personally threatened or attacked. You have to realize that it is possible to change your opinions and attitudes without damaging your worth as a person.

Mars Inconjunct Ascendant

The difficulty with this aspect is to find a balance between getting what you want in life and getting along with others. At times you may feel that nothing is going your way, that you continually have to give in to others and put your own wishes aside. However, it is not really this bad. You do not actually have to compromise any more than anyone else, but you are more reluctant to do so.

Jupiter Inconjunct Midheaven

This aspect can mean that you have mixed feelings toward adults and persons in authority over you. Although you know they have your best interests at heart and that they want you to succeed at your objectives, it often seems as if their demands are keeping you from doing what you want. When you want to go off and have fun, for example, you are told to finish your work first. At times you want to break free of this restricting influence and go off by yourself.

(These descriptions do sound just like Dorothy Kilgallen, don’t they?)

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