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March 14th (3.14): Pi Day

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The Demiurge in the Digital Age

A Flow Chart? We don’t usually equate the Creator God with a computer programmer, but are they not One and the same? Everything in the known Universe can be broken down into binary code, the ‘on/off’ switch. And everything evolves … Continue reading

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Seven: a Sacred Number

Hidden in Plain Sight What could be more clear? We have seven days of the week in our calendar. In the early forms of Astrology, we had seven personal planets (as an echo of the days of the week). Now … Continue reading

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Spiritual Dice

Numerically Speaking   Key-stone to the system is the cipher: A zero growth from no-thing, to be sure; Before too long, starts an inner-lifer, Becomes a lonely one, quite singular. A twin for company, the second one Links with the … Continue reading

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