Is This More “Proof” of Reincarnation?

Branwell Brontë (June 26, 1817 – September 24, 1848)

I have not read this book yet, although I do have a digital copy on my computer. But I know, from reading about it, that Daphne du Maurier thought her husband was Branwell reincarnated. It’s a long shot, I know, but I think she may have been right.

The timing is a guess, partially because of the load-up of planets clustered around the Ascendant. They speak of a young man who was ‘imprisoned’ by his father: he yearned to be free every day of his short life. The four inconjuncts back this idea completely.

Sun Inconjunct Moon

This aspect suggests that there is a subtle conflict going on inside you that may sometimes create emotional problems. The Sun signifies your conscious personality, the way in which you act and the kinds of activities that you like to get involved in. The Moon signifies the emotional and less conscious side of you. It indicates the habits that take over when you are not acting consciously and feelings that come up from deep inside you. The inconjunct aspect between the Sun and Moon means that the Sun part of your personality is quite different from the Moon part, and it may be hard for you to relate them to each other. It is as if you are divided in two, so that whenever you have to make an important decision, especially one that involves your feelings, the different sides of your personality want to go in [not quite] opposite directions. You sometimes find it difficult to decide if you like something or if you want to take part in some activity.

The only solution is to accept both sides of your personality, for they are both you, and it is important to express them both. It is only your attitude of rejection that makes one side good and the other side bad.

Sun Inconjunct Jupiter

This can be an extremely useful aspect, if you learn to have more self-control in what you do. Jupiter is always high-spirited, wanting to do and encounter everything and enjoy life thoroughly. Yet in some combinations, it means that you are unwilling to work for what you want. You may feel that you are such a fine person tat you deserve to have everything done for you. Certainly you are worthwhile in your own way, but that doesn’t give you a right to be taken care of without contributing your share. As with all Sun-Jupiter energies, if you learn to support others, to make them feel good and happy in your presence, you will get their support as well. Then there will always be someone to help you when you need it. But if you act arrogant towards others, they may not stay around to support you.

Sun Inconjunct Ascendant

Your relationships with other people can be very intense. While you are young, they may be quite difficult, because you feel that others will accept you only if you deny yourself in some way. Or you may constantly feel you should put off doing what you want in order to do what you have to do. Usually your ideas about what you have to do come from the people around you. Also, contacts with other people will frequently force you to make serious, psychological changes. Difficulties in your relationships with friends and family are sign of profound internal changes.

You may find that no matter how hard you try to show others who you really are, they misunderstand you somehow. This is because the angular relationship between your rising sign and Sun sign indicates that your internal energies are quite different from the energies that you show to the world. You are not intentionally dishonest with the world, you simply present a confusing complex of energies.

Saturn Inconjunct Midheaven

This aspect indicates that you very much need a positive relationship with your parents, especially your father. You should not be disciplines sternly unless you are given lots of love at the same time. Otherwise, giving and receiving love from others will be a real problem for the rest of your life. Unless you are truly supported by your family and friends, you will begin to feel lonely and isolated from others and inferior to them. Also you are likely to have very serious difficulties with authority figures, because you are afraid of how they will treat you, not expecting that anyone will ever give you the loving guidance you need. You will see all authorities only as potential threats to your freedom and as sources of pain and trouble.

He died on Sunday morning, the 24th of September, 
1848. He was thirty-one years old. He died in the room 
which he had shared with his father for so long, and in 
which, as a little boy, he had awakened to find the moon 
shining through the curtainless windows and his father 
upon his knees, praying. The room, for too many months 
now, had been part refuge and part prison-cell. It had 
been refuge from the accusing or indifferent eyes of his 
sisters, refuge from the averted gaze of his father, whose 
offer of help in dressing spelt reproach. But when he was 
alone again, the family downstairs and about their busi- 
ness, only the familiar sounds of day-by-day penetrating 
his solitude — the cry of a child in the road, the chiming 
of the church clock, the opening and closing of the gar- 
den gate as someone called upon parish concerns — then 
the room turned to the cold walls of a dungeon, or, worse, 
oppressed him with the stifling weight of a tomb be- 
neath whose heavy stone the dead-alive know perpetual 
suffocation. The minutes would tick away to half-past 
twelve or half -past four — for the hours of day were mean- 
ingless once appetite was lost and the routine of life 
relinquished; and the slow cough of the clock on the stairs 
proceeded inexorably towards that half-choke before the 
hour, followed at once by the stroke from the church, with 
no pause or respite. Eternal reproach, eternal accusation.  

"I know only that it is time for me to be something  when I am nothing. That my father cannot have long to  live, and that when he dies my evening, which is already  twilight, will become night. That I shall then have a constitution still so strong that it will keep me years in torture and despair when I should every hour pray that I  might die." (Chapter One - The Infernal World of Branwell Brontë)

Sir Frederick Browning (December 20, 1896 – March 14, 1965)

Now here is a man that was a soldier during both World Wars. After the WWII he served Elizabeth II before she was made Queen. He was knighted for this service.

The timing of this chart is randomized. As neither of the two inconjuncts are dependent on this time, I think we are on fairly solid ground. Note, too, the Moon conjunct Ascendant, in Cancer. This may be where the drinking problem that plagued his later life comes from. But the Mars/Neptune/Pluto conjunction may have made him a soldier.

Mercury Inconjunct Pluto

You have a rather complicated and sometimes tricky mind. You usually prefer to do things in roundabout and involved ways instead of being simple and direct.

On the positive side, this means that you enjoy solving puzzles, tracking down mysteries and finding out about hidden matters. At school you might do research in science. You have a natural ability to understand how people’s minds work, what makes them act as they do, and what they are thinking, which is quite amazing for someone of your age.

On the negative side, however, you might misuse thia ability by trying to control people’s thoughts and words. Also you may love mysteries so much that you get involved in complicated plots and arrangements with your friends. You may enjoy working is secret and creating an air of mystery about yourself, but this could backfire and make others misunderstand you or even fear what you are doing. It is important to show people that you are honest and that you are not hiding anything. Otherwise hey will probably suspect you, even if you are totally innocent. And if you aren’t, they will know it for certain.

On another level, this aspect can mean that at certain times in your life you will go through tremendous psychological changes. All your thoughts and opinions will change completely. These stages may seem difficult, but you will be much better off if you let go of the past and welcome the new ideas.

Venus Inconjunct Jupiter

This can be a positive aspect if you learn to control some of its negative possibilities. You are likely to lack energy and to be rather passive. You may wait for opportunities to come to you, rather than go after them. You may not have enough energy to pursue your ambitions, or you may not have much ambition. Or you may love your comfort so much that you are unwilling to make any effort or put up with any pain that could help you grow and develop. However, if there are any indications of energy in your chart, they should overcome the passivity.

On the plus side, you need love and affection, and you can usually be very warm and affectionate as well. However, it is very important that you choose your close friends carefully, because you may attract people who are difficult to get along with, who order you around or act as if they are better than you. Avoid such people, for they will do you no good.

If you do associate with difficult people, you may be unable to live up to your own standards of behavior. You may do things that you usually wouldn’t approve of, because somehow the relationship weakens your resolve to do what is right. But this won’t happen if you choose your friends carefully and avoid people who are not good for you.

Birth Chart Comparison

I don’t think I could have asked for a more perfect example of a pair of birth charts lining up to demonstrate the concept of reincarnation. Now, obviously, we cannot get the same degree of connection that Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock have between them, but we can get a glimpse as to why Daphne du Maurier ‘felt’ her husband was her brother from the early 19th century reborn. The Moon/Ascendant in Cancer in Frederick’s chart is almost exactly conjunct Branwell’s Sun. And the exact conjunction in Frederick’s chart between Saturn and Uranus is connected to Branwell’s South Node in Scorpio. Furthermore, Branwell’s Moon/Jupiter/Ascendant conjunction in Sagittarius is inconjunct Frederick’s Moon/Ascendant conjunction, while Branwell’s Mars is inconjunct Frederick’s Saturn/Uranus conjunction. Finally, Branwell’s Mercury is midway between Frederick’s Mars/Neptune conjunction in Gemini. Is that enough?


Daphne du Maurier was the reincarnation of Charlotte Brontë, at least in my opinion. To recognize her own brother in the man she married must have been surprising…

If only…

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