The Huron Didn’t “Eat Him”: They Beat Him in a One-Sided Melee

The Murder of Étienne Brûlé (June 30, 1633)

Fourteen-to-one fight?

When someone is knocked off his high horse, we say he has been brought down a peg or two. The Huron Bear tribe were not cannibals. So the inference that they ate Étienne Brûlé after his death is a misunderstanding of the words they used to express their obvious delight. If he’d still been alive, he would have corrected that erroneous interpretation. The Bear tribe leadership (Aenon) may have had a personal reason for the enmity between them, but their suspicion of treachery of Étienne Brûlé’s relationship with their enemy, the Seneca, was the ‘reason’ for their vengeance. All else is speculation.

The circumstances surrounding his death are shrouded in mystery. For some reason unknown, the Hurons, among whom he had lived as a brother for 20 years, killed him and ate him. The crime weighed upon the whole Huron nation. When Brébeuf returned to Toanché, he found the place deserted. The Bear tribe had abandoned the village and split up. The Bears did not manage to “purge themselves” of this murder, and admitted that “no satisfaction had been obtained” from the interpreter’s death. Pursued by epidemics, haunted by the memory of Brûlé “whose wounds are still bleeding,” they attributed the cause of their misfortunes to the avenging spirit of the dead man’s sister or brother, which, they said, breathed a curse on them. For a long time, suspicion centred on the tribe’s chief, Aenon, but the latter denied that he was guilty. For want of proof, the enigma of Brûlé’s murder remains unsolved.

Much of this chart is speculative. No one knows exactly when he was killed, but, by implication, someone matching his description with his interpreting skills was met by one of the French missionaries on June 30th that year, so I’m going with that date, centred on noon of the day.

The most obvious opposition is Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto in Taurus, at a wide angle of 8°. And his ‘fatal’ North and South Node axis between Aries and Libra is echoed in my own birth chart. Given that I ‘know’ there is a connection between us makes this echo significant.

Comme ça

The triple Yod pointing at his ‘fatal’ Sun/Venus/Midheaven in Cancer is supported by my Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius and my Sagittarius Ascendant. There is also showing a link between his ‘fatal’ Ascendant and my natal Neptune, both of which are in Libra. And finally, my usually un-aspected natal Uranus in Cancer is conjunct within 1° of his ‘fatal’ Mercury.

Do you need anything more?

Top detail
Middle detail
Bottom details

Once upon a time I would have avenged my death, but I won’t, because it’s all right NOW.

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