The 19th Century Version of a Sleeping Prophet

Andrew Jackson Davis (August 11, 1826 – January 13, 1910)

It was a question in the back of my mind: it’s all well and fine to relate present day individuals with their revolutionary counterparts, but what about their intervening lives? Andrew Jackson Davis is one. But before I reveal who he reincarnated as in the present, you’ll need to see his birth and death charts.

The timing is randomized and yet there are two spectacular inconjuncts, as ‘luck’ would have it.

Sun Inconjunct Uranus

There is a side of your personality that is very restless and impatient with rules, even when you know they are for your own good. You want very much to go your own way and do your own thing, even when you aren’t entirely sure that it is the right direction for you. So you rebel in subtle ways by having sudden fits of obstinacy and moods of feeling contrary, especially to authority figures.

Moon Inconjunct Saturn

This aspect usually means that your need for emotional security conflicts with your need to live with the world’s demands. Each of us needs to be accepted and loved for what we are, in order to have enough self-confidence to deal with the world. But we also have to learn to live with our own life situations in order to survive. In other words, we have to realize that we can’t have everything we want. With this aspect, these two needs are working against each other. Probably you will satisfy one of them at the expense of the other.

His Death was Slightly Hidden

For the longest while I couldn’t find where he died, until I Googled that question specifically: the answer was Boston. The noon-time death is for convenience, and there are four inconjuncts: a double one links the Sun/Midheaven conjunction with Pluto; the next links Jupiter and the Ascendant, and the last links (surprise, surprise!) the Moon and Neptune. That means that only the inconjunct between the Sun and Pluto is fully reliable, demonstrating that his death was affected by a deep psychological force. Hmm.

Would You Believe that This Man Reincarnated as Neale Donald Walsch?

A second past life match for Neale Donald Walsch was made in a similar manner. I was researching a past lifetime for Mark Thurston, a leader of Edgar Cayce’s ARE. Ahtun Re told me that Mark served as a secretary to the famous 18th century medium, Andrew Jackson Davis. I thought the best way to pursue this case was to read books Davis had written to see if I would find clues regarding his secretary.

5 Andrew Jackson Davis Neale Donald Walsch

I ordered two of Davis’s books through the Internet. I started reading and after studying 5 pages, I had the same experience as I did when I was reading Marianne Williamson’s book. It was as if a hammer hit me over the head with the realization that I have encountered this writing style before. It took me a few few minutes before I realized where I have read this author before. It then dawned on me that Davis had the same linguistic writing style, the same linguistic voice, as is found in Conversations With God, the best selling trilogy written by Neale Donald Walsch.

Reincarnation Research

This is exactly what I meant about intervening lives.

There are some very obvious links between these three charts. They have mostly to do with Davis’ death chart and Walsch’s birth chart. I thought that strange. Especially that conjunction between Walsch’s Saturn and Davis’ ‘fatal’ Pluto, and Walsch’s Moon and Davis’ ‘fatal’ Sun but it makes sense, if you think about it. Because Walsch’s Sun is conjunct Davis’ Jupiter, the whole unfolding Universe is on display.

But What Happens if William Walter is Included?

Here the Sun/Jupiter link between Walsch and Davis is increased by Walter’s natal Venus. At the same time, Walsch’s Jupiter conjunction with Davis’ natal Sun is added to by Walter’s natal Moon.

Would we have it any other way? Of course, not.


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