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Above the Law? No, Beneath Contempt

Murdaugh Murders: a Southern Scandal (2023) There’s nothing like an on-going murder investigation and trial to catch the imagination of a nation, especially when it involves a powerful family dynasty of lawyers who also happen to be rich. If you … Continue reading

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This is the Man who Brought Nixon Down

John W Dean III (October 14, 1938) I remember the Watergate hearings from 1973. They weren’t on all the Canadian TV channels, like they were in the United States, but the evening newscasts picked up the interesting details and sound … Continue reading

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What we have here…

Is a failure to communicate I was going to use this phrase long before the latest headlines from the States about what happened between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump. Now it has shown up as a quote by a lawyer … Continue reading

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Ratting on the Washington Mafia

Michael Cohen’s Testimony I watched the CBS coverage for an hour on Wednesday morning. After that, I had to turn it off, because it was so uncomfortable. I have empathy for Cohen. He did some ‘very bad things’ on behalf … Continue reading

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Believe Me: He’s Lying

“Cohen is Weak” Yesterday, Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress. That really was a ‘cat among the pigeons’ moment. It has been noted that the timing of the court case was after Donald Trump had answered Special Counsel … Continue reading

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