My Original “Rolling Stone”


Pierre-Esprit Radisson

I came face-to-face with a solid hologram of myself in last night’s dream: a hint, perhaps, of today’s post. I’ve waited long enough to connect the dots to that life from the middle of the 17th Century. It’s time to face the truth about myself.



I probably don’t have to remind you that all birth charts of individuals born before 1752 need to be converted from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. As Radisson’s exact death date is unknown, I’ve taken the middle of the estimated June 17th (when he wrote his will) to July 2nd (when his will was probated) and converted that to the Gregorian date of July 7th. I chose his death at 9 am local time, because the death Ascendant is almost exactly on his natal 9th House cusp. (All of this is pure speculation, but it is still useful to our purposes.)

Note the triangular pattern of the aspects. Interesting.

Reincarnational Charts


Since the aspect pattern did not change, I can only assume that the addition of my natal chart is superfluous to requirements on that front.

Again, it goes without saying that the comparison of my chart with Radisson’s birth chart is also subjective, except that the timing of his birth was rectified to show that his capture and adoption happened at the ‘right’ age in his teens. This is represented by Pluto as I have previously discussed.

Joint Birth Charts


As our Ascendants are almost perfectly aligned, I would suggest that my impression of being one of the coureurs-des-bois was spot on. Besides, against everyone’s wishes, I have bought and worn leather coats, even when it went against fashionable ethics.

Becky Falls - Nov 1988

As Pierre means “Stone” and Esprit means “Spirit”, I embody his energy, a rolling stone.

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2 Responses to My Original “Rolling Stone”

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Radisson married three times: Elizabeth Kirke (1 child); Margaret Charlotte Godet (5 children); Elizabeth – last name unknown (3 ‘small’ daughters). I married three times: Judith Anne Duckworth (1 son); Susan Jane Bunker (1 daughter, 1 adopted daughter); Christine Susan Ryan (3 grown-up step-children). I also had a long-term relationship with Dianne Elaine Wall (3 grown-up step-children). So I guess we’re both ‘rolling stones’ who gather no moss…raising the same amount of children.


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