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What Would You Do With Only Months to Live?

My Life (1993) I’d avoided this film until last night. I know why, of course, but I suppose I just wasn’t ready for it. Turns out that I couldn’t sleep for half the night after seeing it. (From IMDb:) Life … Continue reading

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Mister Rogers: Therapist?

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Some films are targeted at children, most at adults; this one is aimed directly at the child in each of us.   Fred Rogers is a very nice man. Lloyd Vogul, a hurt man-child … Continue reading

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The Struggle

Sometimes, the one helping others gets caught up in their machinations. But how does one solve their anger issues? The Struggle Angry Wasps   Last night you rang me with an angry air: Ev’ryone was on your case and you’d … Continue reading

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