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How Operation Mincemeat was Hatched:

The Downing of BOAC Flight 777 (June 1, 1943) I was reading an entry about Leslie Howard this morning, and it was suggesting that the German High Command had targeted this flight because of his presence onboard. It was probably … Continue reading

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Somebody Should Put This Film on…

Red Notice (2021) For the crime of Grand Larceny of the story lines of other adventure films. We watched this film last night on Netflix, as most television channels were featuring either college football or Hallmark Christmas movies. Yes, it … Continue reading

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A Meddlesome Priest on PBS

Father Brown I never thought I’d be writing about this show, which comes on twice weekly on the PBS. But last night episode (S6, E5) entitled “The Face of the Enemy” had a few outstanding features about it, notwithstanding the … Continue reading

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