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It Took Two Years for This Dream to Come True

Happy Birthday, Sandra Timing is everything, I guess. Her Facebook page (this morning) gave a couple of details: date of birth and time. I sent her a message asking where. She replied. I offered to do her birth chart for … Continue reading

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The United States of America I was alerted to a situation, by an astrologist friend, that I had always suspected, but never ‘knew’ for a fact. She was discussing the USA and Pluto’s Return in a blog. She pointed out … Continue reading

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All Hail! The Conquering Heroes of Judea

Rome’s Trinity of Emperors Have you ever why our calendar system uses the term Anno Domini? Up until this morning, I presumed it was because of Jesus. And in a way, I was correct, but during the night I kept … Continue reading

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Shreddies: Does This Prove I’m Lucky?

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Blue Jay: Face-to-Face on a Feeder

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You Dirty Rat!

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Guess What: It Snowed Last Night!

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The Reds had a Meeting This Morning…

Pileated woodpecker and northern cardinal

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