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Quantum Mechanics: an Analogy

  Infinite Potential “Potentiality waves are invisible not only because they are numbers but also because they represent a state of waiting to be actualized. In the actualization they cease to exist.” (Page 48) The author, Lothar Schäfer, is attempting … Continue reading

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Tron: Legacy

It took 30 years for a sequel to follow the original Tron movie, and in the meantime, computer graphics and games have advanced beyond all comparison to those early days. The Storyline In 1989, seven years after the events of … Continue reading

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Yesterday, in our Faith and Science group, we discussed the concept of Trinity and how to best explain it, in modern terms.     Most of the time, we let the words trip off our tongues without much thought, but … Continue reading

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Hidden Figures?

Can you imagine what it must have been like for these women in the early 1960’s? They had two strikes against them before they could even begin to count in society: their colour and their sex. Even though they were … Continue reading

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Are We Programmed?

TRON As an allegory, this movie is perfect. At the time (1982) computer games were still (more or less) in their infancy. The programmers were building virtual worlds in which their creations (read, creatures) could interact with others. The programmers … Continue reading

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Are We Prisoners of the New Technologies?

The Prisoner   Controlled from somewhere out of line of fire, Ordered to do that which he cannot see, Man acquiesces, acting as if free, Prepared to accept his conscience’s ire. Until he comprehends that his entire Traumatic situation has … Continue reading

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