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It’s Just a Little Lie

Pinocchio’s Nose The story of the wooden toy that turned into a human boy is an excellent metaphor for Brett Kavanaugh’s life. But the only thing that’s different is that his nose doesn’t grow when he tells a lie. Instead, … Continue reading

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And Isn’t it True?

Perry Mason: The truth will out… X-Files: The truth is out there.

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Did James Earl Ray Kill MLK Jr?

Or Was He Just the Patsy? We always breathe a collective sigh of relief when the ‘bad guys’ are caught after some atrocious event, such as the assassination of a prominent person. Such was the effect of James Earl Ray … Continue reading

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Beliefs: What Do I Know?

The Question Yesterday, at our Faith and Science group, we got into a discussion about “when do our beliefs turn into certainties?” As always, when we try to approach these things from an intellectual point-of-view, our inquiries fail to reach … Continue reading

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Legendary Lost Locations

Have They Been Found? My granddaughter was discussing a school project with my wife. I happened to enter the room in the middle of it. Her teacher had been telling her class about Atlantis, and I mentioned the fact that … Continue reading

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It’s a Sign of the Times

    Just Stop Your Crying Two things happened last night: Noah Mac was eliminated from The Voice after singing “Sign of the Times” and ‘Harry Styles: Live in Manchester’ was aired on CTV. Harry’s final tune was (you guessed … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Dentist I went to a new dentist yesterday, one that is more local to where we live, because I have a tooth that needs to come out. It turned out that they had an opening at … Continue reading

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