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I Want to Close My Eyes and Hide

Sometimes When We Touch (1977) You ask me if I love youAnd I choke on my replyI’d rather hurt you honestlyThan mislead you with a lieAnd who am I to judge youIn what you say or doI’m only just beginningTo … Continue reading

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Her Majesty and the Captain of the Queen’s Guard

Queen Elizabeth I (September 7, 1533 – March 24, 1603) Like an episode of The Crown, astrology can peek behind the royal curtains and witness history in a more intimate fashion: this is the story of Elizabeth I and Sir … Continue reading

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Sweet Dream

Budding sprouts, begging for some attention, Ripe for the plucking, call out to the night: Oh, Sweet Dream, bring her back into my sight; Catch her thoughts, and relieve this strange tension Caught in my senses at the mere mention … Continue reading

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