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Alpha and Omega: Bob Lazar’s Return

Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers Well, we haven’t yet seen the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with his angels in the traditional sense. But since 1946, after the first atomic blasts of World … Continue reading

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A Canary in a Coal Mine

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet-tweet, Tweet OK. I know this has been the point that has bothered both Republicans and Democrats in recent years: a President who sounds off about current events and political personalities without the filter of a PR communications … Continue reading

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My Great Aunt’s Diaries: 1949-1952

A Look at Life in Toronto Out of the blue, my second cousin, Norah, sent me transcripts of some diaries that her grandmother had written. I suspect she thought I’d be interested in the passages that featured my biological father, … Continue reading

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Was the Queen’s Hat a Hint?

Or a Misunderstood Gesture? In June of 2017, the Queen opened the UK Parliament with a speech about ‘a hard Brexit’ from the European Union. Her hat bore a striking resemblance to the EU flag, Everyone began speculating that she … Continue reading

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China Space News: Moon Landing

Dark Side of the Moon After all these years, we have a new space race, this time led by the Chinese. Two questions: why this; and why now? NASA backed off from sending anything to the Moon in the middle … Continue reading

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The Man Who Would Be King

King Charles III A short sequence repeated on The National last night highlighted a long-held belief that Prince Charles may never ascend the throne, although he has been preparing for the role of King since his birth.   Because the … Continue reading

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Trump Retreats: on Putin’s Request?

US Troops to be Withdrawn from Syria It seemed a surprise to everyone when Donald Trump announced yesterday that the war on ISIS has been won. With that, he also announced that the American military will begin to withdraw from … Continue reading

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