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Expanded Consciousness

We don’t realize that we’re on a spiritual path when we are young. It is only later that the ‘strange’ events add up to a significant number of coincidences. Here are a few of mine. Scared of the Dark Chris … Continue reading

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Hypnotherapy: a Personal Journey

There is a saying, “Life is a journey, not a destination”. This is mine: what I will attempt to do is connect the dots of the events along the route that became the spiritual signposts of my inner growth towards … Continue reading

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Terror Attack: lone wolf variety

There are about 90 radical extremists living in Canada that the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are tracking. In the past three days, two of these terrorists decided to begin a campaign against … Continue reading

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Can history teach us anything about the present?

Most of us look back on things that have happened in the past as distant memories, some with fondness, and most with gratitude that those times have gone forever: but have they really? The reaction on the street to Michael … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Letter to her Son

In October 1974, my mother wrote me a letter to explain my history. In doing so, she told me a little of her life’s story. Here is what I have discovered about my mother from her birth in 1923 to … Continue reading

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The Erotic Poetry of Catullus

When we studied Latin in High School, it seemed boring. After all, didn’t they call it a “dead” language? Then they introduced us to the poetry of Catullus. Our senses perked up instantly. A dead language? His work came alive … Continue reading

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Raelism: the raelity

While researching for my next ebook, “Other Points in Time”, I decided to revisit the start of Raelism, which occurred on the morning of December 13, 1973. What is Raelism? The Start of Raelism   “RaĆ«lism, also known as Raelianism … Continue reading

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