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Subliminals: The Devil’s in the Details

Look closely at the palm tree to right of Queen Elizabeth II (facing): can you see the word SEX? If you can, then you’re ready to see the rest… I am going to show you through a series of images … Continue reading

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The Honey Trap

  The Cold War Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized to every persecuted member (past and present) of the Government, the Military and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who were hounded out of their careers for being (potentially) homosexual. This … Continue reading

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Sweet Dream

Budding sprouts, begging for some attention, Ripe for the plucking, call out to the night: Oh, Sweet Dream, bring her back into my sight; Catch her thoughts, and relieve this strange tension Caught in my senses at the mere mention … Continue reading

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Dare You?

It shouldn’t be shocking That I like black stockings On women who know what to wear   For what would look better Unless they were wetter Than clinging T-shirts down to there   For clothing is sexy And muscles reflexy … Continue reading

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A Hashtag Revolution OK. So guess what? The social media campaign to have victims of sexual abuse and harassment unite using this hashtag has opened up the war of the sexes again. Men are having to witness a parade of … Continue reading

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Subliminal Seduction

Are you being sexually aroused by this picture? Wilson Bryan Key took the concept of The Hidden Persuaders one step further and documented how advertising companies were using sex to sell their products. This was in the mid-70’s. Then, it … Continue reading

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The Hidden Persuaders

Have you ever wondered how marketing companies come up with their advertising campaigns? As consumers, we are a mess of contradictions; Motivational Research sorted us out years ago. Meet Vance Packard The Hidden Persuaders   According to Wikipedia, Vance Packard … Continue reading

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