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It Started with One Man…

A New Form of Protest Recently, one of the other administrators of Fountain International’s Facebook page posted this image from last January. It has had a lot of interest paid to it, in the form of ‘likes’ and other reactions. … Continue reading

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How They Got It (Mostly) Right

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice collaborated on a rock opera concept album in 1970. Then it was staged in the West End of London, and, later, Broadway in New York. The story was intended to … Continue reading

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Green with Envy

Anne with an E Last night’s episode unfolded in a very methodical, orderly fashion. Anne felt unloved and unlovable. Why? Because she felt ugly with her red hair. The backstory took us to her orphanage days where she was the … Continue reading

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His Story Through Her Eyes

Jamestown I caught the first episode of this British series on PBS last night. It seems to be a reasonable facsimile of what life in the 1700’s would have been like in Virginia. (Interestingly, it was almost totally filmed in … Continue reading

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A Digital Version of Heaven?

The Good Place My daughter, Rosanna, suggested that I take a look at this television series. (Each episode is called a “chapter”: the show has 31 chapters, so far.) I’ll have to admit, I’m not a fan. True, I haven’t … Continue reading

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The American Dream: Is It Over?

A discussion in five images = 5,000 words…

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This “Hack” Saw the Truth

About the Saudi Crown Prince Jamal Khashoggi gave his life exposing the Saudi leadership under MBS (the media have decided his initials are enough, now). I asked for some insight into what happened to him, and received this flash of … Continue reading

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Reefer Madness in Canada

Marijuana Now Legal in Canada They should probably change the national anthem now: O Cannabis, our bright and shining weed… Yesterday, pot went on sale┬álegally for recreational use for the very first time. Justine Trudeau fulfilled an election promise made … Continue reading

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On Location with “Anne with an E”

Green Gables (but not as we remember it) These days, if you want to portray a part of Canada in the 1890’s, you need to film in Ontario. It turns out that some of the country in and around Millbrook, … Continue reading

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Non-Dual Thinking, Back in 1984

  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (PC) My children loved this game. It was an interactive computer game that was played out by writing instructions. If you gave good ones, the programme would respond. If you gave bad ones, … Continue reading

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